Therapeutic Massage

Racheal Cogan

I am a registered massage therapist with a Diploma from the Australian Shiatsu College in Shiatsu and Oriental Therapies. My client led, trauma informed work invites deep listening to the innate wisdom of your body to allow a process of unwinding into greater mobility and wholeness.During a massage session, we might be working with:* The relationship between your body, emotions, armouring, tension, and living in survival mode.* How to feel comfortable in your own skin, move with ease, and find relief from pain and injuries.* The possibility of identifying and releasing numbness, shielding, and armouring to create a safe space for increased sensation and connection within your body.1 hour sessions are $11090 minute sessions are $150I give receipts.I am based in Tiohtià:ke/Montréal, on the unceded Indigenous lands of the Kanien’kehá:ka/Mohawk Nation.


Racheal has been my massage therapist for 3 years and if possible, I’d want her massages for my life. The massages are very slow, tender, and the feeling of being taken care of is extremely nourishing. I love how Racheal leads me to understand my body more and more, and she’s very attentive and respectful to bodies. Seldom do I feel there’s any outside service that’s so “ME/MINE”, and Racheal’s massage is one of them — they make me feel like home. I've also recommended Racheal to a lot of my friends and they all loved it.Yue, T.

I deeply believe massage therapists make the world a better place. People come to you thinking that you will fix them, and you do, but it's not the way they think. You're being with them in the process of them honouring their bodies' needs and pains and healing themselves. And I think it's something that is unique to the way you do massage therapy. I've never experienced someone who will make the client participate so much in their own massage. Saying what they want. Giving you feedback about how things feel.Marie-Claude L’Archer, Author

Racheal is a unique expert with multiple styles of bodywork and somatic modalities, helping clients heal both physically and emotionally. She's highly attentive, sensitive and kind. Working with her is an experience, an education, and can be deeply transformative. Highly recommended!Ze’Ev Evgeni, Hypnotherapist


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