Racheal Cogan          composer, recorder player, vocalist

Geri Bollinger

Geri designed and built the Küng bass recorder pictured on my home page and many of the other instruments pictured throughout this site. He also made my beautiful tenor recorder with his adaptable mouthpiece that can be read about on my blog. Geri makes, designs and invents incredible modern instruments that are a joy to play.

Michael Grinter

Australian recorder and flute maker. Michael has made my beautiful Ganassi recorders which I have been playing for two decades (one of them is pictured to the left on top of my head in 1991).

Edition Tre Fontane

High quality publisher of recorder editions.

These lovely people are publishing some of my current works.

Orpheus Music

Orpheus music are based in Australia and publish contemporary recorder music. They have published several of my scores and two CDs.

Photo by Chris Groenhout (1991)

La Hacienda Creative

an award-winning sound studio based in Montreal and Toronto. Transforming products, spaces, and entertainment experiences through sound. I am currently working with them as a composer and multi-instrumentalist.